Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring projects

I know you want to hear about the High Point Market. I will have more on that as soon as I find the words to explain my experiences. Every time I walked past these two displays, I smiled...amazing. Below is Kathy Ireland Home and above is ?? It escapes me (bad I know)

Unfortunately, I was overcome by sinusitis, which may explain why I was feeling blah about the whole Market thing. (Yeah definitely had nothing to do with some of the manufacturers rude attitudes, toward designers, never that. Attitude police, Kindle may be a bit bitter, attitude check please!

 My current "small space, I ain't spending a whole lotta' cash, because it is temporary, challenge" is my patio.  When I look through my kitchen, out of my big patio doors, I have the most amazing view of the country. Trees, trees, trees for days....and I love it! I want to spend more time outside in the morning and even relax there in the evening after a long day. I want to cook all my meals out there, I want to grow veggies  out there. I want to sit and do nothing out there. I want to sit and watch my favorite shows or even a movie out there. I want to eat out there. But most of all I want it to be an extension of my home and feel cozy. BTW, I want all of that for $200 or less?

My goal: to create a space based on all of the above without blocking my current view.

This is what I am working with:

My patio space is 8' X 13'. I almost loathed the size of it, until I drove around yesterday and saw places in my area, with patios that were a slab of concrete measuring 2' X 2'. I shut my mouth and became thankful.

On the left, is what the ground looked like, before I requested the owner come and power wash it.  Notice the difference between mine and my neighbors? I don't believe they have ever power washed any of the patios in these units, EVER!  The one on the right is mine after washing away 25 years of sludge, algae, and dirt. The one on the left is my neighbors. Originally, I called around to find someone who could power wash it for me, as I was used to doing my own repairs and maintenance. The light bulb went off..."DUH, you rent woman, ask the landlord to do it"...three days later he did. Savings $75

Knowing I would like something to hold my grill, besides this big Ikea coffee table(selling it on Craigslist to support this project), I am thinking I should build a bistro table to fit into a corner. But of course, it has to be virtually free, so low and behold what do I spy driving down the street? All this tossed out weathered wood. PERFECT!

Normally, I would do several "drive by's" before asking about it, but gas is too expensive to be shy! I knocked on the door and asked if I could have some of the pieces. As usual, it was waiting for the dump truck anyway. The lady told me to take as much as I want. I did! I got plenty! Stay tuned for the project from this salvaged pile.

What are you doing to your outdoor space?


~L~ of Avid Accents said...

can't wait to see you finished patio.

yeah your space is much better than 2'x2'. that's just wrong!


Me Myself n' Why said...

I cannot w8!
I wish you were in the ATL. I would finishing up all the stuff on my "When will you really do it list"

i love it

Lisa said...

Can't wait to see how that project turns out. I love weathered wood! By the way you have a blogger award over at my blog when you get a sec!

AprilDenise said...

Hi Kindle, this is my first time stopping by. I have to say I like your ambition on recycling and reusing with style! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one Lol!

Your patio and view of the yard sounds just like mine. Although, your budget is a tad bit larger than mine. However, I plan on building alot of the seating myself!!

If you haven't visited you should she's great at giving free building sign up required!!

I've made a Westelm headboard, dining room benches and console from her site. If you would like to see them visit my site @

Btw: Hope your feeling better!


LHW said...

Missing you posts.. Hope things are ok?

Redesign Diva said...

Things are great! Just been attending to life and But I am back now! Stay tuned!

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