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Certified GreenLeader

Certified GreenLeader

Sunday, April 3, 2011

HELP, I need inspiration!

So it has been quite some time since I have posted something new on my blog. Fact is I have been overcome by "life". You know the thing that goes on daily, that is becoming more and more interesting as the economy does? Yes that. Lately, mine has included a move, the death of my sister, the need to focus on my therapy career, so I can pay my bills and buy food. Needless to say the "projects" have been put on hold. While doing all of this "life" stuff, it is easy to lose inspiration and sometimes direction.

Thank you to those who reached out to me to find out where I was and what I was doing... You helped me get some of the settled dust off of my "inspiration wheels".

The cool thing is that attending market last year sparked a fire in my belly to create the rug (last post). This week I will be attending the International High Point Furniture Market in hopes of once again becoming inspired. This is my second day at Market and so far I have not snapped one photo...yeah it's been that bad.

I have been absolutely fortunate blessed really. I live 45 minutes away from all this furniture and accessory goodness, and can catch a shuttle in and be treated like a queen for six days. Yes, it is that much fun and a great environment (for those of you who haven't been). There are classes and seminars for FREE that discuss design direction, trends, new fabrics and pattern, not to mention the design celebs who attend. Oh and least I forget the parties...MAN do they party!

A huge plus is meeting up again with my good friend Sonja, it has been a year since I met this chick or even seen her. When we met up yesterday and hung out it was like not time had passed. Yes, "life" has happened to her too, but it definitely did not inhibit our "flow". She truly is an inspiration to be with!!

My promise: to get some good photos and inspire you. Meanwhile, I will search for my inspiration during these next few days, lord knows I need it *sigh*.

Enough talk here are some photos I snapped last year at market.

As usual, if you would like a photo of anything let me know I will go find it and report back on it.
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Moni @ CL Journal said...

Life sometimes happens and we must take care of certain things. Then we get a chance to breathe again and your inspiration comes back out of no where.

My condolences in losing your sister.

Karena said...

Kindle, I have just found you through Robert Petril, so many it is good timing!

I look forward to readiing about your ideas and posts and hope you find mine interesting!

Art by Karena

Redesign Diva said...

Moni, Thank you for your words of encouragement...so true.

Red River Interiors said...


Good to see you back and I know you'll get your inspiration groove back... Fay

rox in a box said...


I just discovered your blog, don't let your amazing talent die. This will help you get through the rough times. Good luck with everything! Hope to see more from you.


rox in a box said...


I just discovered your blog, it is really inspiring, don't ever loose your talent..it will definitely keep you going through the rough times. Good luck! Hope to see more from you.


AprilDenise said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE AND LOVE all of those pics!! Love your style.. It's hard to find bloggers with this particular style! Hi 5...


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