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Certified GreenLeader

Certified GreenLeader

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I want...so I make! DIY Circle Rug

I have been wanting a circular rug forever! I have been looking for a design and colors that intrigue me.  I also wanted to add color to my living room. I searched high and low for something cream with purple but no luck. I could not find anything that I liked.

I finally found a nice cream shag carpet remnant at the Habitat for Humanity restore. So I made this...

 From this...

I am very pleased with how it turned out. It satisfies my desire for a one of a kind rug with vibrant color, as well as my uncontrollable urge to have the perfect circular rug. It took about three days to make, only because the dyed pieces were set outside to dry and it rained while I was away....FRICK!

Total cost for this rug, $40. 

Because I love the paisley shape, the design in my rug was inspired by what was floating in my head...but here is the inspiration for my next rug attempt....I tore this from a magazine(inspiration is everywhere!) I am thinking of doing the Frisco rug, it is going to be an adventure.

 Now for some High Point Furniture Market eye candy, featured by Global Views...guess what people? GOLD IS BACK!!! I know right???...

Green was poppin' too!

Check out the faux malachite table and magazine rack...me likey!
Avocado green is back... for accessories,not for appliances...
This window display is stunning (go ahead click on it for a larger view)

Here is a background from a random window of another vendor... Green +Copper= Dreamy!

More Furniture Market pics soon! What do you think of the return of Gold? Hot or NOT!


L ~DIY Diva~ said...

Shut up! that looks great. so i need a step by step. did you cut the pieces out then dye them. how did you reattach them? Im thinking about some rugs at home i can upgrade now!

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My crazy crazy life said...

girl, you're killing me, you are SO creative. how did you do that??

Redesign Diva said...

lol...Ladies, I am working on a tutorial, I may have to make another for the steps, but yes Diva, I cut the circle, free handed a design then cut it out and died the pieces.

Redbabe said...

the DIY rug is so pretty. now, the question is, HOW?

Katelyn. said...

Hi Kindle... I adore your blog/style and have been following for some time. Thus I thought I would nominate you for the Stylish Blogger Award. Hope you feel inclined to pay it forward.


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