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Certified GreenLeader

Certified GreenLeader

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring projects

I know you want to hear about the High Point Market. I will have more on that as soon as I find the words to explain my experiences. Every time I walked past these two displays, I smiled...amazing. Below is Kathy Ireland Home and above is ?? It escapes me (bad I know)

Unfortunately, I was overcome by sinusitis, which may explain why I was feeling blah about the whole Market thing. (Yeah definitely had nothing to do with some of the manufacturers rude attitudes, toward designers, never that. Attitude police, Kindle may be a bit bitter, attitude check please!...lol)

 My current "small space, I ain't spending a whole lotta' cash, because it is temporary, challenge" is my patio.  When I look through my kitchen, out of my big patio doors, I have the most amazing view of the country. Trees, trees, trees for days....and I love it! I want to spend more time outside in the morning and even relax there in the evening after a long day. I want to cook all my meals out there, I want to grow veggies  out there. I want to sit and do nothing out there. I want to sit and watch my favorite shows or even a movie out there. I want to eat out there. But most of all I want it to be an extension of my home and feel cozy. BTW, I want all of that for $200 or less?

My goal: to create a space based on all of the above without blocking my current view.

This is what I am working with:

My patio space is 8' X 13'. I almost loathed the size of it, until I drove around yesterday and saw places in my area, with patios that were a slab of concrete measuring 2' X 2'. I shut my mouth and became thankful.

On the left, is what the ground looked like, before I requested the owner come and power wash it.  Notice the difference between mine and my neighbors? I don't believe they have ever power washed any of the patios in these units, EVER!  The one on the right is mine after washing away 25 years of sludge, algae, and dirt. The one on the left is my neighbors. Originally, I called around to find someone who could power wash it for me, as I was used to doing my own repairs and maintenance. The light bulb went off..."DUH, you rent woman, ask the landlord to do it"...three days later he did. Savings $75

Knowing I would like something to hold my grill, besides this big Ikea coffee table(selling it on Craigslist to support this project), I am thinking I should build a bistro table to fit into a corner. But of course, it has to be virtually free, so low and behold what do I spy driving down the street? All this tossed out weathered wood. PERFECT!

Normally, I would do several "drive by's" before asking about it, but gas is too expensive to be shy! I knocked on the door and asked if I could have some of the pieces. As usual, it was waiting for the dump truck anyway. The lady told me to take as much as I want. I did! I got plenty! Stay tuned for the project from this salvaged pile.

What are you doing to your outdoor space?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

HELP, I need inspiration!

So it has been quite some time since I have posted something new on my blog. Fact is I have been overcome by "life". You know the thing that goes on daily, that is becoming more and more interesting as the economy does? Yes that. Lately, mine has included a move, the death of my sister, the need to focus on my therapy career, so I can pay my bills and buy food. Needless to say the "projects" have been put on hold. While doing all of this "life" stuff, it is easy to lose inspiration and sometimes direction.

Thank you to those who reached out to me to find out where I was and what I was doing... You helped me get some of the settled dust off of my "inspiration wheels".

The cool thing is that attending market last year sparked a fire in my belly to create the rug (last post). This week I will be attending the International High Point Furniture Market in hopes of once again becoming inspired. This is my second day at Market and so far I have not snapped one photo...yeah it's been that bad.

I have been absolutely fortunate blessed really. I live 45 minutes away from all this furniture and accessory goodness, and can catch a shuttle in and be treated like a queen for six days. Yes, it is that much fun and a great environment (for those of you who haven't been). There are classes and seminars for FREE that discuss design direction, trends, new fabrics and pattern, not to mention the design celebs who attend. Oh and least I forget the parties...MAN do they party!

A huge plus is meeting up again with my good friend Sonja, it has been a year since I met this chick or even seen her. When we met up yesterday and hung out it was like not time had passed. Yes, "life" has happened to her too, but it definitely did not inhibit our "flow". She truly is an inspiration to be with!!

My promise: to get some good photos and inspire you. Meanwhile, I will search for my inspiration during these next few days, lord knows I need it *sigh*.

Enough talk here are some photos I snapped last year at market.

As usual, if you would like a photo of anything let me know I will go find it and report back on it.
Thanks for stopping by

Monday, November 8, 2010

DIY Designer Rug How-to Video

You asked, so you get. I found the shag carpet at my local Habitat for Humanity Restore. I wanted a vibrant circle rug so I knew I was gonna have to design this myself.

Hope the video helps. Please go easy on me, I am not a video maker. If you have any questions, let me know.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I want...so I make! DIY Circle Rug

I have been wanting a circular rug forever! I have been looking for a design and colors that intrigue me.  I also wanted to add color to my living room. I searched high and low for something cream with purple but no luck. I could not find anything that I liked.

I finally found a nice cream shag carpet remnant at the Habitat for Humanity restore. So I made this...

 From this...

I am very pleased with how it turned out. It satisfies my desire for a one of a kind rug with vibrant color, as well as my uncontrollable urge to have the perfect circular rug. It took about three days to make, only because the dyed pieces were set outside to dry and it rained while I was away....FRICK!

Total cost for this rug, $40. 

Because I love the paisley shape, the design in my rug was inspired by what was floating in my head...but here is the inspiration for my next rug attempt....I tore this from a magazine(inspiration is everywhere!) I am thinking of doing the Frisco rug, it is going to be an adventure.

 Now for some High Point Furniture Market eye candy, featured by Global Views...guess what people? GOLD IS BACK!!! I know right???...

Green was poppin' too!

Check out the faux malachite table and magazine rack...me likey!
Avocado green is back... for accessories,not for appliances...
This window display is stunning (go ahead click on it for a larger view)

Here is a background from a random window of another vendor... Green +Copper= Dreamy!

More Furniture Market pics soon! What do you think of the return of Gold? Hot or NOT!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BAM, FOUND HER/HIM!!!! High Point Market ..get's interesting

Guess what peeps? I finally found two "mates to my soul" while at market this year. I will share them now as they make me light up and smile.

The first is Joe Manus of Shine International, He is an eco -friendly, down to earth, genius! Why genius? Because much like Van Gogh and Vincente Wolf, he didn't finish high school, but his work is simply amazing and will tell a story for years to come. He truly inspired me, with his background. He explained how his initial business was going under, but he had employees to consider, a family to support, and a plan. Together they implemented that plan and there he was...at the High Point Furniture Market. It was more detailed, but you get the jist. I will include a link to more of his story at the end of this post, so you don't go anywhere just yet...

I took a few pictures, they do not do his work justice, but they belong to me (so wadda ya gonna do, right)? Here are a few of his lights, made of recycled cardboard. All of his work is handmade. Shiner International is 100% recycled, sustainable, and produced right here in the USA baby. I love it!

The funny thing about this story is a cool chick named Robin introduced us, and while we were talking she was making lists of places for him to go find more cardboard! Here are some more photos... rocking bench which is quite comfy, btw.

 Lots of his items rock! Literally!

This is my favorite the rocking bed. Folks, it is so comfortable it is unreal. I will be honest and say I forgot what it is made of (he was gone when I went for pics) but it is also sustainable and recycled.

Did I mention how comfortable this bed was??? WOW!!

Ok, for my girl...

I met and snapped some photos of Ms. Kelly Neumann, of Preen Furniture Design, in Milwaukee, WI. This was her first time at market and she wowed me! I was wondering if I would ever see a vendor with truly recycled and redesigned furniture, you know the one of a kind stuff that is unique and not manufactured in an IKEA-like capacity? The kind that uses frames and hard work from a previous life and revives it? Meet Kelly...

Honestly when I saw this chick, I thought, cool pants! Then I got closer to see the furniture and was blown away!I was thinking oh another cool look, but manufactured in bulk somewhere for sure...NOPE! ONE of a kind, originals, redesigned by Ms. Kelly herself! She is standing in front of her graffiti couch inspired by designer Rachel Zoe. (Looking at these pictures, I definitely need a better camera, sorry folks.) Below, she is sitting on a lovely cream and green couch, which matches the color of the pattern, in the middle lamp shade perfectly!

 This blue trimmed settee/loveseat is going to be featured in a New York mag next month...

 Do you see the silver flecks in the fabric? You likey the nail head detail on the side?She uses some of the most intriguing fabrics in her designs, and the couches are uber comfy!
This couch went with my gray sweater, it had a real executive look and was like a girlfriend couch.

Now, if you're thinking all this color was too much, honey think again! It was beautiful and flowed nicely. I didn't want to leave. Plus Kelly's hospitality was genuine, she answered a TON of my questions with the same excitement I had in asking them. We were bouncing off of each other, it was LOVE!...lol

 In this photo, can you see how the cushions can be turned over for a new look? Most of their designs are like that! All of their furniture is from the 1930's to 1980's and is exotic and custom made...NICE!

Kelly co-founded the company with Kim Pollard, who says of their designs, " We wanted to go so far that we wanted people to wonder if we went too far. We're right on that edge." In this blogger's opinion, they are and it works.

Ladies you are starting a new sustainable trend at High Point Furniture Market, that I and hopefully some of my fellow D-I-Y designers will join you in. Thank you Kelly and Joe!

As promised, link to more of Shiner Internationals story by Furniture Today.

*** 10/29/10- I went back, the day after I posted this and there was a pro photographer there. She allowed me to snap a photo with her setup. I think it was the lighting in her booth that prohibited the pics from translating.**

What do you think of this talent?

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